Donation of Merlin Magnifier to local resident

Moultonborough Lions Club President Mark Cotrupi (left) presented a Merlin Desktop Electronic Magnifier to Ashlee Pigott and her mother, Stephanie recently.  Ashley, who is vision impaired, is planning on using the device at home to help her with her homework.  The magnifier allows people with issues such as low vision, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma and cataracts to read and write more easily, especially in low light conditions.  It was donated to the Lions just recently by a widow whose husband used it during his later years.  “We are so grateful for donations such as this, especially when we can put it to such good use here in our community”, said Cotrupi.  “In that same vein, we very much appreciate the community’s support in donating their old glasses through our Lions Recycle For Sight program.  Your generosity in providing us your old glasses helps those less fortunate around the world to see and have a brighter future.”