July and the start of a new Lion Year

Well, we have been observing social distancing since March and have had do dinner meetings and have held our monthly Board and Business meetings via zoom.

Because it is outdoors and done by one Lion per week, we have continued to maintain the upper part of Sutherland Park.

Also, we donated $1,500 to Donna Grow and Meals on Wheels. The funds will help with the reimbursement of the volunteer drivers who deliver all the meals prepared by Donna and her crew.  Typically, the money to help the driver’s offset their driving expenses comes from the Senior Meals lunches; unfortunately, these have not been happening since March because of COVID19 and all the restrictions.

We are hoping to be able to have members gather outside to meet face-to-face — well, mask-to-mask — on August 17 from 6pm to 7pm in the parking lot and on the grass in front of the building. People have been asked to BYOEverything (personal light snack or refreshment, chair, and mask). It will be so good to be able to check in with as many members as can come. The rain date is the following Monday.