October 2020

Once we got some rain, the leaves strengthened their colors and the scenery in the Lakes Region has been beautiful.

We had our zoom meeting the first Monday of the Monday, but we held our first “live” meeting on Monday the 19th at the Function Hall. It was great to see and converse with people in addition to holding the meeting and getting caught up on new and continuing service projects. Everyone wore a mask and were seated at appropriate social distances. We are hoping to hold all future meetings live if we are able.

Mark was able to do vision screening at Holderness Central School on October 1 and screened 118 young students. Many of the other schools have declined this year and some are hoping that we might be able to do the screening in the spring. Keep your fingers crossed.

RAFFLE. Since we were unable to hold any raffle sales outside of Heath’s due to COVID restrictions we are relying on the mailing of over 1,200 envelopes containing raffle tickets. Lions have folded letters, pre-counted and stapled tickets, stamped envelopes, and put labels on envelopes in advance of the day we get together to put everything together. That day was Friday, October 16. Fourteen Lions assembled and put postage on all those letters in record time — one and a half hours — thanks to all the preparation work of fourteen Lions. Check your mail to see if you have received your raffle tickets. If not please contact the web master.