February 2021

A short month and one with weather ups and downs. There were some beautiful days for walks outside. And I am sure that the people who plow driveways were very happy for all the snow we had. The temperatures even cooperated towards the end of the month and the tapping of the maple trees and the boiling process to make syrup have begun.

Things for the Lions Club have had some similar ups and downs in member health issues but many are getting vaccinated and hope that we as a Club will be able to get back to our service activities.

A few of the students to whom we gave scholarships in 2020 have sent us videos and described their lives as college students during a pandemic. And the new round of scholarship applications for the class of 2021 will soon begin.

We are still collecting pill bottles and eye glasses (please drop the later off at the blue box in from of the Moultonborough Function Hall, formerly the Moultonborough Lions Club. Once the weather improves, we will provide a plastic box for pill bottles there as well.