The leaves are starting to turn — very slowly — but I think it will be at least October before we see some good color. The squirrels are pruning the oak trees trying to get the acorns and with all the acorns there are, the squirrels should be huge next year.

SUTHERLAND PARK: We ended the month and the season of weeding and watering and should be all set until spring planting next year. All in all 16 Lions spent almost 90 hours since the beginning of July of this environmental project.

We had a live business and a live dinner meeting again this month and are keeping our fingers crossed that we can continue meeting indoor.

BINGO: Bingo games were held three times this month and there will be some changes in the games and cost in the coming months.

ROADSIDE CLEANUPS – we did both stretches of road in September — Route 25 in Center Harbor and Quimby Field Road in Center Harbor the weekend of September 18.

RAFFLE: We had one Saturday in September, selling raffle tickets in front of EM Heath’s and will have one more in October (on the 9th). Then we will start the mailing towards the end of October with the big drawing to be held on December 4.

Happy Autumn