August certainly started with a bang — literally — we have had thunderstorms both loud and somewhat destructive. And then there is the heat — the ending two weeks of the “dog days of summer.

Speaking of days and dogs… while we did have our first raffle sales on the Fourth of July, we followed that up with one of five selling dates in front of E.M. Heath’s. On July 23, we not only sold tickets, we also dog sat for a very nice dog while her owner went in and shopped. After all, our motto is, “We Serve!”

We will be selling raffle tickets on two dates in August: Sunday, August 14 and Saturday, August 27. Stop by while you are shopping and purchase your chance to win $5,000 and help out the communities we serve.

We have also place some yellow signs around town with an important message:

Hopefully, you have seen them as you are driving about the area.

District 44H (to which the Moultonborough Lions belong) is having its meeting at Camp Pride. In addition to bringing eyeglasses (We really appreciate all the donations of no longer needed eyeglasses in the baskets placed around the communities we serve), we will be collecting boxes of cereal which we will bring to the meeting and which will be donated to the food bank.

We are almost at the end of watering and weeding at Sutherland Park. September will see the purchase of some mums to bring in the autumn season.

At our August dinner meeting, the principal of Sandwich Central School, Jeremy Hillger, spoke to us about the effects of Covid on students and learning both locally and globally. He also thanked the Club for our continual purchase over the years of individual books for all the students.