More July Happenings

At the July dinner meeting, six of the 11 scholarship recipients, Sage Lincoln, Peter Baker, Kelsey Coppinger, Zachary Atwell, Elaine Velie and Veronica Diltz,  and their parents were present.  Each gave  information on which college they would be attending and what major they were considering.

scholarship recipients


Sutherland Park.  Since deciding to recommit to part of our original Adopt-a-Spot (the upper portion), things have been moving along quickly, thanks to the committee chairman, Peter Stropple.  We have the approval of the town and four of the committee met on July 21 to decide what work needed to be done.  Then on July 22, 25, and 27, five LIons (Pete, Sally, Dawn, Christine, and Joann) put in several hours weeding and getting rid of scrub trees.  I especially want to commend our two newest Lions — Joanne Lau and Christine Woodland for jumping into a service activity so quickly (this is their first month as a Lion!)



We forgot to take “before” photos.  But we will post some “after” photos soon.

One more July Event — The Ed Selek Memorial Golf Tournament.  The day was perfect for this fundraising and fun event.  And a few Lions got some sunburn.  We raised quite a bit of money, and everyone enjoyed the day.  I will gladly post photos if someone will send them to me.