June Officers and Awards

At the June 20 dinner meeting, the following 2016-17 Club Officers were inducted by First Vice District Governor,  Sam Longbrook: Secretary, Sally Sibulkin; Board Member, Jack Weinmann, Second Vice President, Peter Allen; Board Member, Marion Powers; Treasurer, Joe Keegan; Board Member, Don Trudeau, Board Member, Dawn Law;  Past President, Jeni Williams; Membership Chairman, Joanne Lau; Tail Twister and Lion Tamer, Pat Keegan; and First Vice-President John Menken.  (President Elect, Mark Cotrupi and Board Members, Kay Peraneli, Peter Strople, and Mike Lancor were not present)

2016-17 Officers

Pins for perfect attendance (being present at a minimum of 12 meetings and performing a minimum of 12 hours service) went to: Mark Cotrupi, Joe Keegan, Pat Keegan, Leo LaForge, Larry LaPointe, Joanne Lau, Dawn Law, John Menken, Ed Meskys, Sandy Meskys, Sally Sibulkin, Pat Strickland, Peter Strople, Don Trudeau, and Jeni Williams. Just a note: Joe and Pat Keegan have achieved perfect attendance for 17 years in a row !!!!!

Membership Chevrons were handed out to:
Ed Meskys – 40 years as a Lion … George and Carol Englehart – 10 years each as Moultonborough Lions ;Leo LaForge – 10 years and Marion Powers – 10 years.

Lions of the Year = Joe Keegan and Sally Sibulkin

Lions of the Year - 16

Melvin Jones Fellowship recipient for 2016-17  = John Menken

Melvin Jones Fellow

Granite State Award recipient for 2016-17 = Jeni Williams

Granite State Award