January 2017

The speaker for our January dinner meting was Marylee Gorham, Executive Director of the NH Humane Society (on Meredith Center Road). Peter Allen, who is on the Board of the Humane Society proposed that we have Marylee as our speaker; and it was an excellent idea.


I never knew that the Humane Center was originally a Woman’s Humane Society. In the past 20 or so years, the NH Humane Society has built a beautiful new complex, increased the number of pets that be cared for, medically treated and adopted.

Puppy Love and Cat Tails are volunteer programs for children and one project that is in the works in Catio (a outdoor socialization space for cats). She mentioned how the veterinarian at the Society does so much good.

Marylee offered to take us around the complex (any days but Monday and Wednesday when it is closed). You can also check out their website to see ways that individuals can volunteer or adopt or donate. And speaking of donations, we Lions gave Marylee a $200 check for the Humane Society.

President Mark presented Pat Strickland with a plaque honoring her 15 years of dedication to Bingo…all the countless hours and worries and tasks involved in providing this entertainment to the surrounding communities.


And Pete Strople showed us the First Place Plaque given to us by the town of Moultonborough for our adoption of the upper part of Sutherland Garden, with special thanks to Marion Powers for planting over 100 annuals.