I forgot to mention that in December, Mark with assistance from the Inter-Lakes Elementary School nurse and some parents, screened 170 students. Nine students were referred to check in with their eye doctors. Vision screening is so important to catch any vision problems as early as possible. And with this screener we can screen students as young as three months old. Before children may even know that they are having difficulty seeing, difficulties in six major areas can be detected. In January, the Club screened 144 students at Plymouth Elementary school.

Because many of our members choose to escape the snow during the winter months, we have been having our business and board meetings via Zoom. But BINGO is still happening every Tuesday, with ticket sales starting at 4:30 and the games beginning at 6:30. I went a few weeks ago and was lucky enough to be a winner — you could, too.

We seemed to get most of our winter snow in one week in January, then had a bitter cold weekend with record low temperatures being set at the top of Mount Washington and pond hockey players not able to skate on Lake Winnipesaukee, but did manage to play on Lake Waukewan in frostbite conditions. And the Ice Fishing Derby went ahead, despite some open areas and areas of weak ice, without all the usual houses and vehicles on the Lake.

We are always looking to have new people who want to serve their community check the Moultonborough Lions Club out — no matter what the weather. Check out these web pages and see if you would like to attend a meeting or talk with a present member.