March 2023

The snow is starting to melt as in the ice on all the lakes and activities are beginning to pick up. By the end of next month most of our “snowbirds” will have returned from warmer climates and we will be able to be more activie.

BOOKS IN THE SCHOOLS: On March 10, three Moultonborough Lions went to Moultonborough Central School and Sandwich Central School to distribute a book to each child in both schools. 223 books were given out at MSC and 92 in Sandwich. As always it is such a pleasure to see the joy in the student’s eyes as they IMMEDIATELY open the books to start reading — or, in the case of the older students, read the recap of the book on the fly leaf or back cover.


The kindergarten students were so excited about their books, that four of them got paper cuts and went to see the nurse.

VISION SCREENING: On March 15, Mark screened 30 students at Russell Elementary School in Rumney.

We had to cancel Bingo once for snow and we had our last meeting via zoom. Starting April 3 we will be meeting in person for the business meeting and the dinner meeting will be April 17. Our speaker will be Jim Nute from Camp Mayhew.