August and September

It seemed like with the rain and the cooler temperatures, summer had ended in August. And while all the rain made lawns green and flowers grow, it also hurt some vegetable growth while making the mushrooms in the lawn and mulch multiply. Now it is September and summer seems to have returned with some beautiful weather.

We had two raffle sales in front of Heath’s in August and have one in September on the 16th. Stop by, sell hello, and purchase your chance to will $5,000 at the beginning of December. We will have one more outside sale date in October and then towards the end of that month, we will start mailing out tickets. Your last chance to purchase the winning ticket will be at the Holiday Fair at MCS on December 2 before the 1 pm drawing.

BINGO: We had four Tuesday night Bingo games in August and plan to have four more in September. It is a good chance to meet neighbors and new friends, have some fun, and win some money.

SUTHERLAND PARK; We’re almost at the end of the flowering season in the top portion of Sutherland Park (next to the Fire/Safety Building) — the rain kept everything blooming well. Come and enjoy sitting there for a while — maybe with a cup of coffee or a snack. Towards the end of the month it will be time for club members to clean out and weed … and do a little autumn decorating.

Two Lions, Mark and Sarah, did a tremendous job of picking up trash along Route 25 in Center Harbor on the 21st. We wouldn’t have as many bags if some motorists didn’t throw cans, coffee cups, and many strange things out their car windows. Let’s all do our part to keep all roadsides free of trash.