This has been a busy month for the Moultonborough Lions

Vision Screening: We went into 6 schools in the area — Holderness, Central, Gilmanton, Inter-Lakes Middle School, Tuftonboro Central School, Kenneth A. Brett School, and Sandwich Central School during the month of October 715 students were screened for possible vision problems. Of that number 42 students had letters sent home to their parents indicating a need to make an appointment with an eye doctor.

Raffle: Unfortunately our October date to sell raffle tickets in front of EM Heath’s had to be cancelled because of construction in front of the store putting in pavers instead of wood. On Saturday, October 28, we held our raffle “stuffing” get together. Ten Lions and one relative spent two concentrated hours putting mailing labels on envelopes and stuffing those envelopes with a return envelope, 5 raffle tickets, and a letter. We managed to get around 1250 sealed and stamped and to the post office ten minutes before they closed for the day!

So look for your envelope in the mail. This will be your last chance to purchase what might be the winning ticket for the $5,000 prize until the Holiday Fair at Moultonborough Central School on December 2. The winning ticket will be drawn a little after one pm on that date.

Bingo: There were five Bingo games this month. Remember Bingo is every Tuesday night, starting at 6:30. The doors of the Moultonborough Function Hall (formerly the Lions Club) open at five for ticket sales.

Donations: Since sight is one of the main Lion platforms, we donated $2,250 to sight-related organizations and individuals. Remember we collect eyeglasses you no longer need and they get sent to third world countries for re-use.

Plus we had a great pot luck supper on the 16th and enjoyed socializing. Why not think about joining the Moultonborough Lions!