Raffle Ticket Stuffing

Between Friday, October 17 and Friday, October 25 Lions Club members stamped, affixed labels and postage stamps, and stuffed over 6,000 envelopes containing raffle tickets and an explanatory letter.  Several people who could not attend either event, stamped envelopes at home and others attended both AND stamped at home.  I believe there were 14 or 15 Lions on the first day for over 2,000 envelopes and 12 lions the second Friday for over 4,000 envelopes!  Let’s hope that all this effort is rewarded by a fantastic return so that the Club can continue to  give scholarships and donations.  Also, a great BIG THANKS to all the people who helped and to those we hope will answer the letters with a contribution.

stuffing 2AStuffing 1A