End of Year Awards

Moultonborough Lion, Betty Wasson president over the first half of the June Dinner meeting to swear in the new officers for the 2019-20 fiscal year. : President Peter Allen, 1st Vice President John Menken, 2nd Vice President Susan Price, Secretary Sally Silbulkin, Treasurer Dawn Law, Immediate Past President Mark Cotrupi, Tail Twister Pat Keegan, Lion Tamer Michelle Duddy, and Board Member(s) Don Trudeau, Pete Strople, Joe Keegan, Joanne Lau and Karen Baron.

President Peter Allen then gave membership chevrons, for years of service with the Moultonborough Lions Club to: Betty Wasson 40 yrs., Sandy Meskys 25 yrs., Kate & Mike Lancor and Joe & Pat Keegan 20 yrs. and Lloyd Connery 10 yrs.

After giving certificates to those members who had attended at least twelve meetings and performed a minimum of 20 hours of service to the community (himself, Mark Cotrupi, Michelle Duddy, Pat Keegan, Joe Keegan, Joanne Lau, Dawn Law, John Menken, Sally Sibulkin, Pete Strople and Don Trudeau) — by the way, one should note that many of these people put in over 100 hours of service — Peter came to the three large awards of the year:

Melvin Jones Fellowship Award, Mark Cotrupi
Lion of the Year, Sally Sibulkin
Granite State Award, Pete Strople

50th Anniversary Celebration a Success!

The Club’s 50th Anniversary dinner celebration was held last Saturday evening to a crowd of about 76 people — members of the club as well as visiting club members and dignitaries at the State and International levels. A slide show of past memories played through the cocktail hour which was followed by a delicious dinner prepared by Curt’s Caterers.

After the dinner three new members were inducted into the club: Michelle and Christopher Shipp and John Menken. Mike and Kate Lancor were their sponsors.
new members 10:26:13 Oct induction

Pins for continuubg membership in the Moultonborough Club were awarded for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 40 years.

Anne Forts received the Granite State Fellowship Award. Pat Strickland received a Progressive (for an individual who has received this honor at least once in the past) Granite State Fellowship Award.
Anne Forts Award 2 Pat Strickland award