It’s November already!

We started November off by judging the Peace Poster Contest entries from the students at Moultonborough Central School.  Dawn and Sally spoke to all the fifth and sixth graders in October and then Pete, John and Sally along with the MCS principal, Kathleen D’Haene, and two faculty members judged the posters.  Below is the winning poster and artist, sixth grader Elise Stewart.

peace-poster-contest-2016 2015-peace-poster-winner

While the poster did not win at the District 44H Level, all of us are very proud of Elise’s effort and creativity.


At the District 44H meeting Sunday morning, we received the Club Excellence Award for the year 2015-16.  Jeni was president at the time and stood by the head table to receive the patch and pin.

img_2634 club-excellence-patch 44h-excellence


The Board and Business Meetings will be held Monday evening, November 7.

The dinner meeting will be Monday, November 21.  District Governor Al Goldstein will be at this meeting to meet the club members, to initiate new members, and to judge the Environmental Photo Contest Entries.  Remember to bring your photo in to be judged!

The turkeys and I wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !



October Events

Please remember that the business meeting will be held at 7 pm on Monday, October 3.  The Board meeting begins at 6:30, followed by the business meeting.

The Boston College bOp! Jazz ensemble was at the Moultonborough Community Auditorium on October 15 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, playing and singing tunes from the 40’s to present day.

A little over 150 people had a truly memorable time at the concert.



All concert proceeds directly support Lions Club service projects in Center Harbor, Sandwich, Tuftonboro and Moultonborough.

Also in October — Vision Screening at the Sandwich Fair.  On Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9, Moultonborough Lions Mark Cotrupi, John Menken, Dawn Law, Sally Sibulkin and Joe and Pat Keegan screened 253 individuals.  Quite the weekend?



The October dinner meeting (on the 17th) was quite interesting.  President Mark explained the use of the spot screener, we tried “dessert in the dark — eating while blindfolded, –and learned some very interesting personal backgrounds of several of our members.

Still coming up….the stuffing of envelopes with letters and raffle tickets will take place on Friday, October 28, beginning at 9:30 am.  Even if you haven’t signed up to help yet, please come if you can.  The more hands, the faster we can accomplish this important task.



What we are up to in September — and it’s quite a bit…

Raffle sales:  we are having two in September on the 3rd and the 24th.  Let’s support this effort to  fundraise for scholarships and other community service projects.

VISION SCREENING:  President Mark has been busy contacting schools and creating a schedule for us to screen school children in the Lakes Region.  On September 12, six Lions (Mark, John, Sally, Peter and Kathy Allen, and Don) spent the morning at Gilford Elementary School.  We screened 339 children and four adults in two and a half hours with the fantastic spot screener shown below…


On Friday, September 23  Mark Cotrupi, Kathy Allen, and Don Trudeau once again performed vision screening at Moultonborough Academy during Picture Day.

On Saturday, September 10, twelve of us had a fun time playing mini-golf at the Community Caregivers Fundraiser event.  Three Moultonborough Lions even got a hole-in-one each.  Of course, we did not score well enough to win a trophy, but the important thing was contributing to a good cause and the camaraderie of our TWO TEAMS.

Fall cleaning of our newly adopted cabin at Camp Pride on

Saturday, September 17.


Four Lions — Lloyd Conery, Mark Cotrupi, Jeni Williams, and Dawn Law (with her husband, Steve) — spent the morning painting the exterior trim, cleaning out the gutters, polyurethaning half the floor, as well as cleaning the windows and screens.  They also took down the curtains to replace them next spring.    Dawn is pointing to the window cleaning can which was donated by Paul Atwell of WURTH.

At the Dinner Meeting on September 19th we enjoyed a delicious chicken parmesan meal.  The speaker, Moultonborough Academy student, Matt Anderson, engaged us all by talking about his trip to Normandy and showing slides of his trip there with his history teacher and the week before, researching in DC.  Matt researched a NH soldier who was buried in Normandy.  HIs contest essay (relating why he loves history so much) was judged one of the top 15 in the US and was what earned him this honor and experience.


August with the Lions

Almost 90 individuals—Lions and guests, 13 members of the Sandwich Dog Club (plus 7 dogs and a lop-eared bunny), and 38 guests from three of the area nursing homes (Mountain View, Golden View, and Forest View) had a great evening at Monday’s August dinner meeting.


Rainbow colored tables were filled with people enjoying appetizers and song during the social hour. Special thanks to Lion Peter Allen for the idea of the sing-a-long, for getting printed copies of the songs, and for playing the piano so masterfully.

IMG_2306 IMG_2323

After the dinner (hot dogs and hamburgers cooked by Lions Mike, Jack, and Sam and the food line manned by Lion Christine and her daughter and Lion Kathy), masterfully served by many of the Lions, the Sandwich Dog Club walked around with a bunny to pet and then performed with their dogs both indoors and out.


For additional entertainment, Pat Keegan asked us all to wear “crazy” hats. Below is a group photo, followed by a slide show of our August parade of hats (while we did parade for our judges from the nursing homes, these photos are of individuals).  Check out the slide show following the group photo.


Also, three Lions:  Jeni Williams, Patricia Strickland, and John Menken attended the August 16 District 44H Cabinet meeting.  Pat brought the glasses we have collected to donate:  160 pairs of glasses plus 48 pairs of sunglasses.

Sutherland Park – July 2016

Remember that I promised you photos of Sutherland Park when the flowers came in bloom?  Well here they are.  Thanks for all the weeding and watering Peter, Joanne, Christine, Dawn, Kay, Bob, and Sally.  And a SPECIAL THANKS to Marion for selecting and planting all the new flowers.

IMG_2289 IMG_2287 IMG_2288

July 2016

At the July 11 Board and Business meeting, new President Mark Cotrupi took the reins.  Dues were established at $60 for each member or $95 for a couple.  There is no increase from last year.  All members are encouraged to pay their dues before the end of the month.

Hope you have been following us in the newspaper as well — Patricia Keegan has been very busy publicizing our happenings.

At the July 18 dinner meeting, four of the 10 scholarship recipients and some of their family members joined us for dinner.  Those students are pictured below with the names of the colleges they will attend in parentheses.   (from left to right): Jacob Baker (UNH), Emily Barton (Kenyon College), Eric Dubois (Brown U), and Gwenyth Fiefield (UNH).

2016 scholarship recipients

Future Events:

At the August 15 dinner meeting (the one to which nursing home residents are invited), all members are encourage to wear crazy hats (preferably self-designed), and by encouraged, I mean that fines will be involved should you not.

Boston College Concert on October 15 at the Moultonborough Academy Community Auditorium.  We can use volunteers for many things, both before and during this event.  Contact Joe Keegan if you would like to volunteer.  Tickets will be on sale soon at Aubuchon’s, Heath’s Supermarket, Bayswater Books, MVSB (Center Harbor and Moultonborough branches), and Cup and Crumb

The Fourth of July Town Picnic

The weather was sunny and warm and there was a large turnout for the free picnic lunch (hot dogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, potato salad, chips, and watermelon) after the Moultonborough Fourth of July parade.  FOURTEEN Moultonborough Lions —  Christine Woodland, Marion Powers, Pat Strickland, Dawn Law, Joanne Lau, Jeni Williams, Mike and Kate Lancor, Sally Sibulkin, John Menken, very newly inducted (see photo below) President Mark Cotrupi, Jack Weinmann, Sam Pylypczuk, and Bob Zewski — were on hand to set up, cook, serve, sell tickets, and clean up afterwards.


Special thanks go out to the non-Lion helpers:  Molly (Bob Z.), Emma (Sally), and Paul (Christine).


And a very special thanks to two Hampstead Lions — First District Vice Governor, Sam Longbrook, and fellow member Carl who drove over four hours (back and forth) to help us out — Lions helping Lions helping others.



June Officers and Awards

At the June 20 dinner meeting, the following 2016-17 Club Officers were inducted by First Vice District Governor,  Sam Longbrook: Secretary, Sally Sibulkin; Board Member, Jack Weinmann, Second Vice President, Peter Allen; Board Member, Marion Powers; Treasurer, Joe Keegan; Board Member, Don Trudeau, Board Member, Dawn Law;  Past President, Jeni Williams; Membership Chairman, Joanne Lau; Tail Twister and Lion Tamer, Pat Keegan; and First Vice-President John Menken.  (President Elect, Mark Cotrupi and Board Members, Kay Peraneli, Peter Strople, and Mike Lancor were not present)

2016-17 Officers

Pins for perfect attendance (being present at a minimum of 12 meetings and performing a minimum of 12 hours service) went to: Mark Cotrupi, Joe Keegan, Pat Keegan, Leo LaForge, Larry LaPointe, Joanne Lau, Dawn Law, John Menken, Ed Meskys, Sandy Meskys, Sally Sibulkin, Pat Strickland, Peter Strople, Don Trudeau, and Jeni Williams. Just a note: Joe and Pat Keegan have achieved perfect attendance for 17 years in a row !!!!!

Membership Chevrons were handed out to:
Ed Meskys – 40 years as a Lion … George and Carol Englehart – 10 years each as Moultonborough Lions ;Leo LaForge – 10 years and Marion Powers – 10 years.

Lions of the Year = Joe Keegan and Sally Sibulkin

Lions of the Year - 16

Melvin Jones Fellowship recipient for 2016-17  = John Menken

Melvin Jones Fellow

Granite State Award recipient for 2016-17 = Jeni Williams

Granite State Award





June and July

June’s dinner meeting will take place on Monday, June 20 and feature the installation of new officers and the giving of awards.  Stay tuned for that information.

On Saturday, June 2, four Moultonborough Lions participated in the Walk for the Blind in Concord.  Fortunately the weather was great for Ed and Sandy Meskys, Dawn Law, and Jeni Williams.

And on Monday, June 13, Mark Cotrupi and Joe Keegan spoke to the Historical Society, giving some history about the Moultonborough Lions Club.

On Monday, July 4, the Lions Club house will once again host the Fourth of July Picnic after the town parade.  We could still use some volunteers to help out with the set up, serving and clean up.  Because the 4th is on a Monday, our regular business meeting will be held on the 11th of July.

Giving Books to Young Students

Thanks to the energetic pursuit of Reading is Fundamental as a source, Lion John Menken led the drive to put individual books in the hands of students in three school districts:  Moultonborough Central School, Sandwich Central School, and Tuftonboro Central School.  It was a lengthy process that involved much communication between John and the reading specialists and principals at the schools and putting up with a lot of computer difficulties and ordering snafus from the site we used to purchase the books.  But finally, the orders for all three schools came in and  had their “Gift from the Moultonborough Lions Club” sticker attached, and were ready to be distributed.

On Tuesday, June 7, President Jeni, John, and Sally went to Moultonborough Central School to hand out 158 books to students in Pre-K through grade 6, after posing for a photo op with the Principal, Kathleen D’Haene and the Reading Specialist, Carissa O’Gara (she is wearing the yellow shirt that is very similar to John’s Lion shirt).

Then on Tuesday, June 14, we traveled to Tuftonboro Central School where John, Mark, Kathy and Peter Allen, and Sally distributed 67 books to students in grades K through 3.  In the photo with the rainbow and sun you will note  (on the left next to John and going to the right):  Diane Wheeler, Reading Specialist, Andrea Fournier, Principal, and Jane Meagher, Reading Associate.

On Wednesday, June 15, John, Peter and Sally arrived at the Sandwich Central School to deliver 79 books to each of the students in the school (grades K through 6).  The panoramic photo is of all the Sandwich students in the gym after they selected their books.

The very best thing about giving the books to the young students was their appreciation.  Upon getting their book, each one immediately opened in and began to read (or in the case of the younger students) or to look at the animal pictures.  The theme for all the books at Moultonborough was animals and that was particularly appropriate for the third graders who were just finishing up a unit on endangered animals.  It was a joy to see their joy and to continue to promote reading as a life-long pleasure.  A similar giving out of books in Tuftonboro was done by a certain book for each student in a specific grade.  In Sandwich the classroom teachers attempted to personalize book choices for each student (as much as we could do with the ups and downs of the computer ordering process).