June 2017 Lions Club Scholarships Awarded

Moultonborough Lions Club members Joe & Pat Keegan attended the Scholarship dinner at the Meredith Community Center on Wednesday and awarded four $1,000 Scholarships to students living in Center Harbor… Kailee Bennett (Bicentennial Trust), Nicholas Manville, Tyler Reid, and Justin Tinker.


On Monday night Lion(s) Dawn Law and Joanne Lau attended the Moultonborough Academy Scholarship dinner at Geneva Point and awarded $10,000 to the following recipients…Megan Duddy (Bicentennial Trust), Matthew Anderson, Sare Campbell, Hannah Finnegan, Mackenzie Kessler, Brianna Lear, Kelsey Make, Dylan McLaughlin, Angela Mudgett, and Noah Smith. No requests were received from Kingswood.

In addition to awarding these scholarships, the Moultonborough Lions invite the recipients and their parents to a special recognition dinner in July. This dinner has become a tradition with the club over the years and includes invites to the Annie Forts “UP” Syndrome Fund scholarship recipients and any Eagle Scouts from club sponsored Troop 142.   (written by Pat Keegan).


Quite the month, including a day of 90+ temperatures, snow elsewhere in the state, and our share of rain.

At the monthly dinner meeting we had the pleasure of hosting the Annie Up Fund Board of Directors.  Both Lynn Leighton and Lion Mike Lancor spoke about the Fund–its history and the various uses of the money.  During dinner we were treated to a wonderful story of Annie’s life which was put together by her brother-in-law for her March celebration.  It was a wonderful montage of Annie’s childhood, her family, her spirit, and her meetings with politicians and celebrities…as well as her amazing positivity and telling everyone they were her favorite person.

And because the weather is getting so nice, it is time to start our summer project of beautifying and maintaining the upper section of Sutherland Park.  Pete Strople and Sally Sibulkin spent some time Sunday morning weeding, but more needs to be done before we purchase the annuals and bark mulch.

And remember, White Cane Day will be observed on Saturday, May 27.  Stop by and say hi to Peter and Kathy Allen, Joe and Pat Keegan, Ed and Sandy Meskys, Bob Purdy, Pete Strople, John Menken, Sally Sibulkin, Mark Cotrupi and Don Trudeau AND the SCOUTS at both Heath’s Hardware and Heath’s Supermarket. from 9-3.

April 2017

Now that April is almost at a close, we will be getting back many of our members.  Welcome to those who came back in time for the April dinner meeting and a future welcome to those we will see in May.

Speaking of the dinner meeting, we were treated to an interesting talk from Walter Johnson, the Town Administrator.  He spoke of many things including the new solar power station to be built on the Neck Road and the cost of the cleanup and repair to the town from the brutal March storm.

We also did three vision screenings in April in which we screened over 170 children.  We were at Imaginations on the 18th, the Sandwich Children Center on the 17th, and Tuftonboro Central school on the 11th.  Below is a photo of President and OKS Coordinator, Mark Cotrupi explaining the vision screener to a group of kindergarten students.

March is Marching On

March is also a celebration of reading and Dr. Seuss in many of the schools in our area.  To coordinate with that, we distributed the books we bought — one for each of the 79 students — for the students at Sandwich Central School.  What a treat to see them all at the assembly in their Cat-in-the-Hat hats.  The school also let John and I wear one when we went into a classroom afterwards to read a Dr. Seuss book the Primary Multiage Class.  Peter and Kathy Allen also read a Dr. Seuss book to the Middle Multiage Class.

And speaking of reading….on three Wednesdays in March Lions Pat K., Joe, Sally, and Dawn were read to by MCS students in the two Kindergarten classes.  On one Wednesday Dawn and Sally were treated to the second grade students reading us the book reviews they had just finished writing and then being read a selection of their favorite books.  The pride in their eyes at their accomplishments was a joy to behold.

In March we also finally held the induction ceremony for James Duddy

Moultonborough Lions Club President Mark Cotrupi, newly inducted Lion Jim Duddy with his sponsor Lion Dawn Law and Multiple District 44 Council Secretary/Treasurer GMT Steve Middlemiss.

This was done at the dinner meeting where we donned Irish hats, ate corned beef and some “Irish” coffee.


Also, on Friday, March 24 we sponsored a Red Cross blood drive at the Club.  Coordinated by President Mark Cotrupi, Sally Sibulkin, Peter Strople, and John Menken helped facilitate the drive.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.  It started snowing around 9:30 and we got 6 inches of wet, heavy snow, which deterred walk-in donors.  However, 31 donors did manage to come.

January 2017

The speaker for our January dinner meting was Marylee Gorham, Executive Director of the NH Humane Society (on Meredith Center Road). Peter Allen, who is on the Board of the Humane Society proposed that we have Marylee as our speaker; and it was an excellent idea.


I never knew that the Humane Center was originally a Woman’s Humane Society. In the past 20 or so years, the NH Humane Society has built a beautiful new complex, increased the number of pets that be cared for, medically treated and adopted.

Puppy Love and Cat Tails are volunteer programs for children and one project that is in the works in Catio (a outdoor socialization space for cats). She mentioned how the veterinarian at the Society does so much good.

Marylee offered to take us around the complex (any days but Monday and Wednesday when it is closed). You can also check out their website to see ways that individuals can volunteer or adopt or donate. And speaking of donations, we Lions gave Marylee a $200 check for the Humane Society.

President Mark presented Pat Strickland with a plaque honoring her 15 years of dedication to Bingo…all the countless hours and worries and tasks involved in providing this entertainment to the surrounding communities.


And Pete Strople showed us the First Place Plaque given to us by the town of Moultonborough for our adoption of the upper part of Sutherland Garden, with special thanks to Marion Powers for planting over 100 annuals.


What happens to the eyeglasses Lions collect?

When you drop a pair of well-used, no longer needed eyeglasses into one of the Lions’ collection baskets or boxes, dod you realize that each pair has a long journey ahead.  From that collection box it might go to Mexico, Uganda, the Philippines, Brazil, Egypt — eventually all over the world.  But first it has to be sorted locally (in Hampton, NH) and then in Virginia for further processing.  All the work is done by volunteers.

The Hampton Lions Club check and sort all the glasses received from District 44H Lions Clubs.  Further sorting is completed at a second local site, and after being counted and packaged, those glasses are on their way to Roanoke, VA.

In Roanoke, the Lions maintain one of several national recycling centers for used glasses.  When the glasses arrive there, each pair of glasses or sunglasses is once again inspected, then checked by machine for exact magnification and prescription, cleaned, and sorted by prescription.  There, they wait until a request comes in from a doctor who has been to clinics in the third world countries and who can match a pair of glasses through an exam to someone who has perhaps never before been able to see properly.  That pair of glasses is shipped out to that individual.  THERE ARE MORE REQUESTS AT ROANOKE THAN THERE ARE GLASSES TO FILL THEM.  Please remember our donation boxes and tell your friends when you have old pairs of glasses that no longer fit your needs.  They may get to change a life in a far-off place.


It’s November already!

We started November off by judging the Peace Poster Contest entries from the students at Moultonborough Central School.  Dawn and Sally spoke to all the fifth and sixth graders in October and then Pete, John and Sally along with the MCS principal, Kathleen D’Haene, and two faculty members judged the posters.  Below is the winning poster and artist, sixth grader Elise Stewart.

peace-poster-contest-2016 2015-peace-poster-winner

While the poster did not win at the District 44H Level, all of us are very proud of Elise’s effort and creativity.


At the District 44H meeting Sunday morning, we received the Club Excellence Award for the year 2015-16.  Jeni was president at the time and stood by the head table to receive the patch and pin.

img_2634 club-excellence-patch 44h-excellence


The Board and Business Meetings will be held Monday evening, November 7.

The dinner meeting will be Monday, November 21.  District Governor Al Goldstein will be at this meeting to meet the club members, to initiate new members, and to judge the Environmental Photo Contest Entries.  Remember to bring your photo in to be judged!

The turkeys and I wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING !



October Events

Please remember that the business meeting will be held at 7 pm on Monday, October 3.  The Board meeting begins at 6:30, followed by the business meeting.

The Boston College bOp! Jazz ensemble was at the Moultonborough Community Auditorium on October 15 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, playing and singing tunes from the 40’s to present day.

A little over 150 people had a truly memorable time at the concert.



All concert proceeds directly support Lions Club service projects in Center Harbor, Sandwich, Tuftonboro and Moultonborough.

Also in October — Vision Screening at the Sandwich Fair.  On Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9, Moultonborough Lions Mark Cotrupi, John Menken, Dawn Law, Sally Sibulkin and Joe and Pat Keegan screened 253 individuals.  Quite the weekend?



The October dinner meeting (on the 17th) was quite interesting.  President Mark explained the use of the spot screener, we tried “dessert in the dark — eating while blindfolded, –and learned some very interesting personal backgrounds of several of our members.

Still coming up….the stuffing of envelopes with letters and raffle tickets will take place on Friday, October 28, beginning at 9:30 am.  Even if you haven’t signed up to help yet, please come if you can.  The more hands, the faster we can accomplish this important task.



What we are up to in September — and it’s quite a bit…

Raffle sales:  we are having two in September on the 3rd and the 24th.  Let’s support this effort to  fundraise for scholarships and other community service projects.

VISION SCREENING:  President Mark has been busy contacting schools and creating a schedule for us to screen school children in the Lakes Region.  On September 12, six Lions (Mark, John, Sally, Peter and Kathy Allen, and Don) spent the morning at Gilford Elementary School.  We screened 339 children and four adults in two and a half hours with the fantastic spot screener shown below…


On Friday, September 23  Mark Cotrupi, Kathy Allen, and Don Trudeau once again performed vision screening at Moultonborough Academy during Picture Day.

On Saturday, September 10, twelve of us had a fun time playing mini-golf at the Community Caregivers Fundraiser event.  Three Moultonborough Lions even got a hole-in-one each.  Of course, we did not score well enough to win a trophy, but the important thing was contributing to a good cause and the camaraderie of our TWO TEAMS.

Fall cleaning of our newly adopted cabin at Camp Pride on

Saturday, September 17.


Four Lions — Lloyd Conery, Mark Cotrupi, Jeni Williams, and Dawn Law (with her husband, Steve) — spent the morning painting the exterior trim, cleaning out the gutters, polyurethaning half the floor, as well as cleaning the windows and screens.  They also took down the curtains to replace them next spring.    Dawn is pointing to the window cleaning can which was donated by Paul Atwell of WURTH.

At the Dinner Meeting on September 19th we enjoyed a delicious chicken parmesan meal.  The speaker, Moultonborough Academy student, Matt Anderson, engaged us all by talking about his trip to Normandy and showing slides of his trip there with his history teacher and the week before, researching in DC.  Matt researched a NH soldier who was buried in Normandy.  HIs contest essay (relating why he loves history so much) was judged one of the top 15 in the US and was what earned him this honor and experience.


August with the Lions

Almost 90 individuals—Lions and guests, 13 members of the Sandwich Dog Club (plus 7 dogs and a lop-eared bunny), and 38 guests from three of the area nursing homes (Mountain View, Golden View, and Forest View) had a great evening at Monday’s August dinner meeting.


Rainbow colored tables were filled with people enjoying appetizers and song during the social hour. Special thanks to Lion Peter Allen for the idea of the sing-a-long, for getting printed copies of the songs, and for playing the piano so masterfully.

IMG_2306 IMG_2323

After the dinner (hot dogs and hamburgers cooked by Lions Mike, Jack, and Sam and the food line manned by Lion Christine and her daughter and Lion Kathy), masterfully served by many of the Lions, the Sandwich Dog Club walked around with a bunny to pet and then performed with their dogs both indoors and out.


For additional entertainment, Pat Keegan asked us all to wear “crazy” hats. Below is a group photo, followed by a slide show of our August parade of hats (while we did parade for our judges from the nursing homes, these photos are of individuals).  Check out the slide show following the group photo.


Also, three Lions:  Jeni Williams, Patricia Strickland, and John Menken attended the August 16 District 44H Cabinet meeting.  Pat brought the glasses we have collected to donate:  160 pairs of glasses plus 48 pairs of sunglasses.